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Welcome to my web page. I hope you find what you�re looking for and if not, drop me a note and I�ll see what I can do.

Let�s get one thing straight. I�m pretty much a regular guy with a great wife (Sharon), an aspiring hunter of a son (Cole) and a busy daughter (Katelyn) testing every activity she can squeeze into her days. We live in north central Wyoming near the town of Sheridan, voted America�s number one Western town in America. Our family is bigger than I mentioned. We also share our property with a couple of saddle horses, one border collie and several cats, not to mention mule deer, pronghorns, coyotes and the occasional porcupine. If you followed my blog in the past you may also remember our rescued skunks that hung out at the Kayser place.

My story actually starts in South Dakota where I was born and raised...

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